Project Spark Open Beta Arrives

Project Spark Open Beta Arrives


The Closed Beta portion of Project Spark has come to a conclusion- and the Open Beta portion is about to begin.  The official stream tomorrow at noon PDT will feature Major Nelson for this announcement. What does Open Beta mean to you?  Well, some things are obvious, others maybe less so.


From the perspective of a new player:

If you were waiting for a key to play- you no longer have to.  Just download it from the windows or xbox one store and get going.  You will have a lot to learn to "catch up", I strongly suggest reading the prior articles and the tutorials.  Play around in the game for a while before attempting your grand scheme for your perfect game.  Take time to talk to people in our chatroom as well as the community twitch channel, the game is more fun with friends- be civil, especially if you want the help of others (and don't only show up when you need help, people tend to notice that).

Some useful links to keep handy (aside from, as you are here)- the official project spark stream channel the community channel where many people choose to stream & socialize write and share kode outside of project spark the wiki page the subreddit for project spark the official project spark tumblr a full screen (non-windowed) view of the official project spark forums

From the perspective of a an established player:

It's going to get a little crowded in here- at least in the short term, the number of players using Project Spark is going to spike for a few days, perhaps weeks.  There will be another wave of "my first level" uploads to look past in our search for games that we actually want to play.  Some new people may be joining our ranks in the community chat rooms, and we should be welcoming of them, but we don't have to tolerate rude/trollish/immature behavior.  People will be upset about microtransactions, just remind them that they're optional, and at this point almost all of them can be obtained through in game credits.  If they are not comfortable spending money on an "incomplete" (beta) game, they do not have to.  Refer them to some of the cooler levels that have been made in Spark so far, or tell them about how you find games worth playing.

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